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About Us

The History of Our Company

From Childhood to Today


Ray Dinel was born in Outaouais and grew up in a family of contractors. From a very young age, he enjoyed working with family members on various contracting projects. Then, with his years of experience and a passion for working outdoors, he developed a great base of knowledge concerning everything related to the treatment of domestic waste water. 

Ray founded his family business in 2011 with the support of his spouse, Celine. Gradually, his business expanded. Over the years, he was exposed to many problems that he needed to solve, giving him the experience and know-how to become a master in his field. 

After years of hard work, Ray is proud to offer quality services to the people of the great Outaouais region. The secret of his success is based on his values:


  • Listening to customer needs

  • Finding fast, efficient solutions

  • Professionalism

  • Respecting the environment

  • Providing great value

For more information, call us today.

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