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The Septic Tank Cleaning Experts in Outaouais

Entreprise Raymond Dinel: Professional Septic Tank Cleaning in Outaouais

At Entreprise Raymond Dinel septic tank service company, we steadily diversified our service offer over the years so we could continue to offer more to our customers. Today, we can present you with a wide range of services in the field of septic tanks in Outaouais, and much more.


Our Residential Septic Tank Installation Services


Our team of pros will clean, repair or replace your septic tank, as needed.


We have expertise in cleaning holding tanks and cleaning regular septic tanks as well as in prefilter installation and cleaning. In addition, we offer portable toilet rentals to take the strain off your bathrooms during renovations or large outdoor parties. You are entitled to expect unparalleled professional customer service from our team as well.

Emergency Service


Our emergency service operates at all times to cover any urgent situations. We never subcontract the work even in an emergency: we provide the service ourselves so we can guarantee everything is done according to our standards.

Get Septic Tank Savvy!


In addition to installing, repairing or emptying your tank our team makes it a point to share their knowledge and let you know more about how to maintain your regular or sealed septic tank. Together, we will make a terrific team!

If you have any problem we will gladly solve it quickly, efficiently and professionally. Call us!



Professional Association


Registraire des entreprises du Québec, Quebec Business Number (NEQ): 2263911556

Emptying a Sealed Septic Tank


Your septic system regular maintenance pros

Keep the Party Outside!


Portable toilets delivered ready to be used

A Free Estimate


Meet the team of Entreprise Raymond Dinel.

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